Terms and Conditions

All products sold are on non-refundable basis. Due to handicraft nature of the products, all items are unique. No two pieces are exactly the same.
Prices can be quoted in US dollars or Thai Bahts. Please specify when making inquiry of the products.The option of pricing are as follows :
Ex-factory – Price of the product
FOB-Bangkok (Free on Board) – This includes cost of Goods, Packing, forwarding and documentation in Bangkok, Thailand.
C&F – Port (Cost & Freight) – This pricing includes FOB + Freight to the Port of Destination.
C.I.F. – Port (Cost, Insurance & Freight) – This pricing includes C&F + Insurance. We strongly recommend insurance on all shipments.

Door – to – Door – This includes all costs from our factory till your door step i.e. C.I.F + Cost of clearing goods and deliver to your house. Although this may sound convenient but this is the most expensive pricing method for the customer. We strongly recommend customers to clear the shipment themselves or look for appropriate clearing agent in their respective country.In case of “CIF” pricing requirements, the below will be the calculations of the total amount – (this may change without notice – please confirm again with your inquiry)
Ex-factory price of items selected
Pack and handling in Thailand – Baths 2,000 / cubic meter
Documentation – Baths 1,500 / shipment
Insurance charge – 3%
Freight charges – Vary according to destination.

IMPORTANT – All charges above cover expenses of shipment in Thailand. It does not cover charges at the port of destination i.e. custom charges, warehouse charges, transportation charges etc. Charges at the Port of destination and Charges at Destination are the responsibility of the customer. Please make necessary inquiries from the custom officials in your respective country as to the amount and type of charges. In case the customer assigns a broker / clearing agent, please inquire about the charges before the shipment arrives. Below are charges that customer may encounter whilst clearing goods :

    • Freight charges – If the freight charges were not paid in Bangkok, Thailand (FOB pricing), then the customer will have to pay the freight charges when the goods arrive at the Port of Destination. Freight charges include delivery of goods via ship from port to port.
    • Custom clearance / VAT taxes / Import duty – These charges differ from country to country. Please check with your custom official prior to the arrival of the ship to get an idea of the custom costs.
    • Delivery / Transport – Once the goods have been cleared, the customer has the option to hire a transport company to delivery the goods to the specified premise. This cost is the responsibility of the customer. The customer can also pick up the goods with his/her own vehicle.
    • Other Local fees – There may be other fees i.e. handling charge, warehouse charges, terminal fees, documentation fees which is charged by the shipping company at the Port of destination. These fees are the customer’s responsibility
    • Documents – The following documents will be sent via courier to the customer once the shipment has departed from Bangkok, Thailand (Please note that you require these documents to clear the goods) :
    • INVOICE – One original and Two copies
      (ii) PACKING LIST – One Original and two copies
      (iii) BILL OF LADING – Two originals and two Non-negotiable Copies
      (iv) Form A / Country of Origin – One original
      (v) Insurance Policy – One original (we strongly recommend all Customers to purchase an insurance policy for all Shipments.)In case the customer requires any other documents, please instruct us with your order and we will arrange to send the required documents with the above.
    • When the above mentioned shipping documents has arrived, please contact the shipping company mentioned in the Bill of Lading. The shipping company will inform instruct you of the process and details of the shipment. – Payment terms – Telex Transfer (T/T) or Wire transfer : (a) 30% of the amount needs to be transferred at the time of order (b) 70% of the amount needs to be transferred before the departure of the shipment.
    • Delivery lead-time: 15 – 90 days after receipt of confirmation. Lead-time is dependent on various factors i.e. availability of stock, size of the product, etc. The lead-time will be determined once intended order amount is conveyed to Krishna’s.